About Galleon Enterprise Telecom

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Galleon Enterprises Telecom has become the leading distributor of mobile phones in Visayas and provides a total source of product choices, opportunity to improve the way business is done and further enriches the daily lives of people.


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Galleon Enterprises Telecom started its business in 1995 as a sole proprietorship. Its first business was direct selling with W-brown shoes as its partner. The Business was able to organized 350 members and with it; Smart Telecommunication Center Bacolod invited Galleon Enterprises to join their business.

In 1996, Smart, Inc. opened its cell site in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental and became the first ally of Galleon Enterprises in telecommunication business. For three consecutive months of operations, it became the top dealer of SMART-TSI in Negros Occidental and the great potential of the business was realized. Galleon Enterprises started its telecommunication business in year 1997, wherein various telecommunication products were displayed only on a table at the ground floor of Centroplex Mall Bacolod, manned by only one sales representative in the person of Ritchil Lorilla. Galleon Enterprises Telecom’s success is mainly based on the explosive growth of telecommunications industry in 1990’s.

Entering the new millennium, the new phone models and standardized technical solutions made it possible for the Business to distribute an increasingly extensive range of mobile phone models, covering all user groups, have become the Business strong points in addition to its skilled personnel and customer orientation. Galleon Enterprises distribute superior range of mobile phones, enhancements, prepaid cards, sim packs, electronic loading, accessories, speakers and Dream Satellite TV. The Business was recognized as authorized repair center for LG Mobile and Myphone units and regarded as one of Visayas’ leading authorized distributor of telecommunication products.

The biggest increase in number of employees took place in 2002-2010 when the Business was able to set up 20 stores strategically located in Visayas area particularly in the cities of Negros Occidental, Cebu and Dumaguete and now employs over one hundred sales representatives, technicians and office personnel. Currently, the Business has 49 branches spread across Negros Occidental, Negros Oriental, Panay and Cebu area. The Business sponsored various trainings and seminars or its Technical Personnel to undergo mobile hardware and software development courses and to provide a clear, comprehensive path to mobile application development. Moreover, Wholesale department was established and gathered about 100 accredited dealers.

Galleon Enterprises Telecom history spans more than two decades and contains stories, events and milestones brought about by many twists and turns of the telecommunication industry. Since 2006, much emphasis had been placed on long term business planning and different departments were reorganized into different management structures so that the heads of each department would report directly to the top management. The transition had taken place from a function-specific organization into a decentralized structure with individual responsibilities.

Galleon Enterprises Telecom maintained its strong position in Negros Island while managing to greatly increased its sales in Cebu. The Business struggles to keep with the competition since telecommunication industry is a business characterized by quick pace and constantly changing.